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  4. Sign up in Mrs. Page's office to have her complete and submit the Principal Form.
  5. If you have difficulty filling out or submitting this form, contact the Murray School office 447-2517.

Only full time students are eligible for scholarships -- minimum of 12 credit hours.

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Do not put personal identifying information into the essays, such as your name or your parents' names.

1. In a short statement (200 words or less), describe the impact the Murray Community School and community have had on you as an individual.

2. In a short statement (200 words or less), write about an influence in your life that has inspired you, made you the person you are, and has sent you in the direction you are now heading in higher education. This can be an experience, a person, a book, an idea, a success, a disappointment, or anything else you feel has strongly influenced you.